Sunday, May 18, 2008

Certified Reverse-parking specialist!

After several classes at Emirates Driving Company in Abu Dhabi, I finally got the chance to appear for their 'yard test' (also known as "Reverse-Parking" test). I passed the test.

The test essentially consists of two parts: a '90-degree' parking and a 'side-parking'.

In the 90-degree parking you need to reverse the test car into a parking space perpendicular to the initial position of the car and then exit the parking space and get back to the initial position on the road.

In the side-parking, you need to reverse the car into a parking space parallel to the road and then take the car out to the initial position.

The rules are simple - (a) no moving forward while parking - you're allowed to move in reverse only. (b) No part of the car (including tyres) is allowed to touch the kerbstone, traffic cones or any other object.

The cars used in the test are EDC's orange-and-white Nissan Sunny cars. The examiner stands outside and does not sit with you in the car.

After passing the test, you are given a report by the examiner indicating that you passed, which you are supposed to take to the Traffc (muroor) counter inside EDC. They then give you a 'green card' with your photo on it and a test appointment for your 'road test' at the Traffic Dept. (Muroor). They also give you a 'certificate' of 'course completion'.

There is a long wait between the yard test and the road test.

See Part 4: The Road Test


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the awesome information on how to get to a license in Abu Dhabi. Just wondering in the Yard Test, when you reverse do you pass as long as you dont touch the cones and kerbs or do you also assess on the way your turning the steering or if you adjust the steering too much, and could you post more tips on how to pass the muroor test.
Awesome Blog

Shijaz said...

Well, I think they dont care as long as the car is inside the parking space and the car doesn't touch any of the objects. You are not allowed to move forward once you commence reversing, till you have fully parked.

I will post about the Muroor test when I pass :)

Ganesh said...

I am 5'2" tall. Is the driver seat adjustable? Will I be permitted to slide the driver seat a little closer to the steeering?

Alice said...

Thanks for the great info, it helped me a lot to prepare for my test. I took the road test this morning (first time) and I passed!! The whole road test process was relatively simple and very quick (about 15 minutes).
I noticed the process is slightly different for men and women. For men, the students are gathered into a van (which moves along with the test car) and students from the van take turns to drive the test car with the examiners along the test route. Once the student finishes his test he is dropped off at the bus stop to take a taxi home.
For ladies, only two student goes into the car at a time, one driving and one as the back passenger (no van, thank goodness). There are two examiners sitting in the car (usually one man and one lady, one in front and one behind). The first student will drive from the Muroor traffic department around the area and then half way through, the second student will take over and drive back to the traffic department. Then the examiners will give you your results (Pass/Fail).
I think the road test is much simpler in Abu Dhabi compared to Dubai (from all that I have read). For ladies, the waiting time is not long (one month from opening of file for those with a license from other countries) and the test itself is straightforward and fast. The police examiners were also very polite and professional.

Shijaz said...

Thanks Alice, for sharing your experience.

Ike said...

Very informative.

Anonymous said...

Man, really want to know how can you be that smart, lol...great read, thanks.