Thursday, August 14, 2008

Bringing the spouse to Abu Dhabi

I got married and brought my spouse to the UAE in July. I'm sharing the process here for anyone who might find it useful.

Being an Indian citizen there was some paperwork that I had to get done from India. Like any Muslim wedding, mine was recorded in the register of a mosque at my home town in Kerala. In order to obtain a "Marriage Certificate", I had to print the contents of the certificate on a Rs. 50 stamp paper. I then took it to the Khateeb/secretary of the mosque that conducted the wedding and he signed it, and placed the seal of the organization.

Next, I had to get it "attested" by District Notary, then send it to the state capital (Trivandrum), where the Home department will attest it. Next, it has to be sent to the Home Ministry in New Delhi for a further attestation and then, the UAE Embassy at New Delhi, where they attest it again and stick a AED 100 UAE revenue stamp on it. This process (from District Notary attesting it till the UAE embassy attesting it can be done through an agent who will take care of the hassles for you). I paid the agent Rs. 2700 (Indian rupees) to get it all done and I believe it was worth the cost.

Then, I brought the marriage certificate (which by now, is covered with seals and signatures) to the United Arab Emirates. Next, I took it to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Abu Dhabi (on Airport Road, next to Carrefour) and paid them AED 100 to stick another stamp and attest it (again). I came back to collect it the next day.

Tip: You can reach the Ministry by taxi or you can take bus number 54.

Once I had all this done, I got the marriage certificate translated in Arabic (the organization I work for got this done for me, at my expense) and then my employer applied for the residence entry visa for my wife. Under the urgent track (100 dhs extra or so), you should receive the visa the next day.

The process is not very complicated (except the attestations part). The important thing is to make sure that both your name and your spouse's name is EXACTLY as per your passports. This is really important - I've heard that even a minor spelling error can cause your application to be rejected.

Once I got the visa in hand, we booked tickets and I asked the airline to send a visa on arrival message after showing them the original visa. On the day of arrival, I just delivered it at the Visas section in Abu Dhabi Airport (with a fee of 25 dhs) one hour before the flight arrived.

It is good to inform your spouse that a retina (eye) scan will be done at the airport on arrival.

Once my wife entered Abu Dhabi, I took her for medical tests at the New Medical Center. After obtaining medical insurance, the Residence can be stamped in the passport.


Anonymous said...

Can you provide contact details of agent who helped in hetting marriage certificate attested ...?

Anonymous said...

Good info.. Thanks

Can you please advice whether it is compulsory to have spause's name on both passport in order to get a resident visa?

Shijaz said...

You can check with any travel agency in your home town. Most leading travel agencies offer these services.

Shijaz said...

I did not have my spouse's name on my passport.

Anonymous said...

Shijaz - thank you for sharing your experience. I had a question - how many days did it take from the moment your spouse arrived in the UAE to getting the residence stamp in the passport? (I know medical takes 1-2 days)

Also, for the previous posts regarding getting the marriage certificate attested, I got all the India attestations done through Urogulf - - very competent - they charged around AED1,000 for rush service (1 week), but I believe they charge less for regular service.

roy said...

i think after the Home department attestation, it is not needed to sent to the Home Ministry in New Delhi. U can take it to the indian embassy in uae and pay dhs.40 and within 1hour they will give u back with some attested seals.
then u can take it to the ministry of foriegn affairs and if u pay 150dhs they will give it back attested within half an hour.
i had done in this way 1year back.

Anonymous said...

A really hepful blog. Thank u very much !

ABHIJIT said...

Amazingly accurate & commendable information. Shokran, Habibi...;)

Anonymous said...

Hello there,,, thought to ask you a question as well.. thanks for the helpful blog.. my father is trying to legally translate his urdu marriage certificate to arabic... as you had mentioned in your blog you got it done.. could you refer the name to me? thank you!

Anonymous said...

Is there a visa category restriction to sponsor ur spouse and also any idea what is the latest minimum salary required to sponsor ur spouse.


Shijaz said...

I did not get my marriage certificate translated. It was in English. All I got done was attestation, refer

Anonymous said...

my fiancee is from dubai.jus wanna know,one we get married and do all the formalities as required in india,then can the dubai attestation's be done by my husbands brother, who also stays in dubai, or is it necessary that my husband will only have to go personally to get the attestations done in dubai?


Anonymous said...

Dear Shiraz, plz elaborate the process of sending message to airline for visa on arrival, My wife is in India, should i send her a orignal visa or just a Fax copy, then what is the next procedure, while booking a ticket over internet i am unable to find any option for "visa on arrival"

Anonymous said...

What a great resource!