Friday, April 17, 2009

Exporting a car from Abu Dhabi to Oman

1. Pay all your fines. As per the new law, you may even half to leave your car in the police compound for about two weeks if you have jumped a red light in Abu Dhabi. So make sure you plan well ahead.
2. You can export a car in your ownership even if your residence visa is canceled. Get your vehicle tested from the vehicle testing centre and get your vehicle fitness certificate. Tip: You can do the whole process at an ADNOC filling station – it is faster because there are less people. Try the ADNOC filling station at Samha.
3. Get a fresh third party insurance policy for 4 days with UAE coverage.
3. You need to take your UAE license, vehicle ownership card(mulkiya), the new 4-day UAE insurance policy, clearance letter from your bank (if mortgaged) to the traffic dept.
4. You also need to remove your Abu Dhabi number plates (yourself) and take them with you to the counter. It’s a good idea to check how these were fixed before you go to the traffic dept. If the plates were riveted, then you need to have the tools with you.
5. On providing the above documents and plates, and payment of a fee, you get the vehicle export certificate, a clearance letter for your previous insurance company to release any pending amounts to you, and an authorization to get new export plates.
6. If you did this at an ADNOC filling station, they provide you the blue export number plates. If you did this at the traffic dept in Abu Dhabi, you need to take the authorization to the License Plates Factory within the same compound and get the new plates by paying 50 dhs.
6. Fix the shiny new blue export plates to your car, keep all the papers safe and leave the country within 3 days. It is OK to stick the blue export plates with clear tape, but make sure its reliably affixed to your car. Make sure you leave the country through the border mentioned in your export certificate.
7. At the UAE side of the border, you have to prepare a bill of lading through one of the private agencies that have set up shops in the border checkpost. I used the Shikleh (Wadi Jizzi) border in Al Ain. You need to spend around 100-120 dhs for this letter. Your vehicle engine and chassis numbers will be checked by a customs officer. If you do not speak Arabic, you might end up doing a lot of legwork and being asked to wait unnecessarily.
8. Go through the UAE immigration. I exported my car after I got my Omani Employment visa and canceled my residence visa in Abu Dhabi. So this was like a final exit from the UAE for me and a first entry to Oman.
9. Drive across the border in to Oman. After a few kilometers you will reach the Omani checkpost. At the Omani side, go through the immigration. Since I was entering Oman for the first time on an employment visa, they stamped the residence in my passport from the border checkpost. The Omani immigration officers at Wadi Jizzi are very friendly and understand English well.
10. Purchase Omani insurance for your car. Dhofar insurance has a kiosk inside the immigration building at Wadi Jizzi. One week’s insurance for RO 8/- is good enough. Once you enter the country you need to obtain a 1 year insurance policy before you register the car.
10. Drive in to customs. The customs officers understand very little English and do not be surprised if you find yourself waiting in queues with truck drivers trying to bring goods in to Oman.
11. The customs officer will check your vehicle chassis and engine numbers and ask you to pay 5% of the value of the vehicle as customs duty. The value of the vehicle is based on what value is printed on your bill of lading from UAE. Most of the time the customs officer adds some amount to it, assuming you have lied on your bill of lading. It will be good to have your car’s receipt/bill issued by the dealer in UAE from whom you bought it in order to win the trust of the officer, and avoid having to pay more duty than you are supposed to.
12. Once you pay the duty, the customs officer gives you an import certificate, and a letter from the commerce ministry, both of which are in Arabic and are needed for registering your car in Oman. Make sure you get these, otherwise you will have to drive back all the way to get them!
13. Drive in to Oman. If you are a new resident (like me), you need to get your fingerprinting, health check and ID Card (smartcard), and also an Omani driving license before you can register your car.
14. You can drive the car around in Oman till you get these right, but its a good idea to obtain the 1 year comprehensive insurance policy for your car asap. You will need to do it before your register the car, anyway. The insurance company will also give you an application form for registering your car.
You also need a letter from your employer which states that they have no objection in you owning a car.
15. Get your driving license converted. See my blog post on that.

16. Go to the traffic department, get your vehicle tested (free of charge, unlike UAE). They will write the test result on the application form that the insurance company gave you.
17. Apply for registration – documents required are the application form with vehicle test pass, Omani driving license, ID card, and a credit/debit card for paying 30 riyal registration fee. They don’t accept cash payments. You also need to remove your Abu Dhabi export plates and carry them with you.
18. You will receive the vehicle ownership card with your new vehicle registration number. The whole process is quick, within 2 hours max, including the vehicle testing.
19. They will also give you an authorization for getting new number plates made. If you registered your car in Al Qurm traffic dept, you need to take this authorization to the petrol filling station near Al Harthy complex/Sultan Center, where there is a license plates factory. Simply produce the authorization and they will provide you the plates (free of charge, unlike UAE). You may have to wait a few hours though – during this time do not drive your car without a license plate!
20. You can get your shiny new yellow Omani license plate riveted to your car from the petrol station for RO 1/-.
Hope this helps. When I wanted to export my car I found that there was nothing on the internet that helped me with the steps. Each traffic dept knew only about their process, there was never a big picture. So I hope this helps all those of you moving to Oman/Muscat and exporting your car from UAE.
PS: You do not have to pay duty in Oman (or any other GCC country) if you have the receipt which states that you have paid duty for the car in the UAE (or any other GCC country). This basically means, that if customs duty was paid for a the car in any GCC country, it doesn't have to be paid again. If you purchased you car in UAE, you can try asking your dealer to give you this receipt. They might give it to you if you're lucky.

IMPORTANT UPDATE (9 Aug 2014): I have left the UAE a long time ago and I do not know the current process. Please do not post questions asking me about your situation, as I am not the best person to answer. You can approach the authorities directly or speak to a freight/moving company.


Xavier said...

Thanks a million for that post. I just have one question - maybe you could help - What if my car is still under a loan? Can the bank be given a guarantee or such so that my dad could pay the remaining amount from uae..

Shijaz said...

I'm glad you found it useful - when I wanted to export my car, there really isnt much information on the internet on this.

As far as I know, you need to pay up all loans and get a certificate from your bank if the car should be exported.

If you are not able to pay the full amount right away, I think you could just drive the car on its UAE number plates in Oman till the amount is paid up and once you/your dad has paid up all loans you can bring the car back to UAE and then do the export process.

Kam said...

Thank you so much for your write-up on the process. Its immensely helpful. I'm considering buying a car in Dubai and bringing it back to Muscat as I heard cars were much cheaper in Muscat. What do you think, is it worth the hassle?

Anonymous said...

It was a very useful information indeed. Can you kindly confirm if I can export my Abu Dhabi car from Sharjah Traffic Dept. Someone told me that I can do so from any emirate except for Dubai as they have different rules. Also, tell me once your car has an export number plate, how long can you stay in Abu Dhabi. For Dubai it is 2 weeks, but for Abu Dhabi it seems to be 4 days as you specified the insurance duration. Can you also tell me if I can leave my car in Abu Dhabi after cancellation of visa, because Dubai does not have any problem even if my visa is cancelled, but Abu Dhabi does not allow to keep your car once your visa is cancelled. Thanx in advance

moonlighter said...

Hi Thanks a million for the useful info. It's really helped me to plan, now that I'm all set to leave UAE.
One clarification needed on ur reply above on mortgaged car. Is it okay to drive a Dubai car in Oman when u r residing as an employee in muscat? Do you need some sort of Muscat road permit to do that? I've an option to retain my Dubai residency plus driving license and don't wish to export for six months b4 loan is paid for another year.
Thanks in advance

Shijaz said...

Moonlighter, not sure if your bank will give you clearance letter to take the car out of the country after canceling residence permit. I am not an expert on this subject so I'm not sure about the legalities.

I don't think you need any special road permit to drive a Dubai registered car in Muscat - you need Omani insurance for the period your car is in Oman.

moonlighter said...

Hi Shijaz,

Thanks again! I was reacting post your response to Xavier's comments -
"If you are not able to pay the full amount right away, I think you could just drive the car on its UAE number plates in Oman till the amount is paid up"

If this is possible, and esp. since my sponsor is not in a hurry to cancel visa in dubai, I was hoping to work in Oman, earn some money to reduce the loan burden, and then comeback within 6 mnths to cancel visa and close mortgage.

Since you're in Muscat, do you know of any such cases? (moonliter06 @ gmail dot com)

Shijaz said...

Yes, if you're not canceling your Dubai RP then I guess there isn't any hurdle in driving the car across to Muscat.

BTW, I'm not in Muscat anymore, I've moved to Doha and the same car got re-exported :)

Shu said...

Thanks for the very helpful posting! Do you know how long the export license is valid for? i.e. how long before we have to register the vehicle in another country? Thanks!

Shijaz said...

Hi Shu,

I have no idea! I drove the car for about 3 weeks in Muscat before I registered it.

Talk to the ROP, they will help.


Anonymous said...

Hi Shijaz,

Thanks very much for this blog which I found very useful!

I noticed that you did not claim exemption from paying tax when importing your car to Oman. Any reason?
I am awaiting my Copy of GCC tax paid from my dealer in Abu Dhabi. It takes a few days for Dubai Customs to release this proof to the dealer, for some unknown reason.With this I hope to get exemption from paying any tax for another GCC country (Oman), under their Double Taxation agreement.
What is the accurate name for the Border post you mentioned as Shikleh? I tried looking it up but had no success. Is it the one solely used for Trucks, i.e. Truck road border check point? Kindly clarify please.

Thanks and Regards,


Chris said...

Many thanks for the info. It's very useful.

When you drive to the Shikleh border post, do you have to go the agencies on the right hand side, before going to the immigration counters?

I went there once but these people speak very little English. Is there a term in arabic they use for bill of lading?

Many thanks!

Shijaz said...

True - they dont speak English, but they know what to do because that's the ONLY thing they do :)

They are well-mannered even though they speak little English and will help you out. I speak very little Arabic and I don't know what a Bill of Lading is called.

Hari said...

thanks for your valuable post. Actuallyi m planning to drive(export)from dubai to muscat. I want to reconfirm whether Omani immigration will stamp residence visa on arrival since you mentioned.

Shijaz said...

Yes Hari, they will stamp the residence permit in your passport at the road border. But make sure you are carrying the original residence visa with you.

Hari said...

Thank you Mr. Shijaz for your immediate reply. Still i have some queries as I mentioned below. Kindly clarify me since i m really confused.

1. Whether I need a NOC letter from local sponsor before entering the oman? I hope it is required only after entering the muscat and before regestering a car with oman number plate... or is it( NOC ) required in the oman immigrations and Customs itself???

2. Is it problem to bring / Export a car to muscat in the friday/saturdays ( i.e i would like to know the working hours and days for customs in the Border ) so that i can plan my travel accordingly.

3. Normally How long it will take to get the smart card, finger printing, Oman license and Oman residence visa since it is required to register the card as you mentioned. How many days we can drive the car using the export number plates in the muscat.

Hari said...

Dear shijaz,

Very important :

I have only Entry permit visa ( Employment) not an Residence Visa with me . Is it ok or not ?

Shijaz said...

Hi Hari,

1. I didnt take any NOC with me when I imported my car. I needed the NOC only at the time of registering the car in Oman.

2. I don't know about their working hours. To be on safe side do it on a weekday.

3. Usually it doesnt take a long time to get your formalities done. It depends on your company's PRO and his availability and willingness to take you to ROP and get your stuff processed.

Shijaz said...

@Hari - regarding your other question about the entry permit:

I entered with family with just the entry permit (the small slip of paper from ROP). The RP will be stamped in your passport from the border immigration.

Anonymous said...

Dear all,

This is really a great source of information. Thanks a million.

Question: Is there an age limit on imported cars? (I would like to bring my BMW 530d that was first registered in Jan 2000)

Thanks in advance for your feedback.

Anonymous said...

It's probably easier to get the car registered at the Seeb licensing office, opposite the airport.

It took me about 2 hours. First get the car inspected. Then go inside the building and take a number. They will issue the ownership card and a give a small paper for obtaining the license plates. You have to pay some money here, but they don't accept cash.

Now go to the license plate factory next door. They will give you the plates in about 30 min.There is a guy outside who will fix it on to the car for 1 riyal.

Anonymous said...

will be exporting car from dubai to oman can u let me know what are the formalities if i am having temporary visit visa on my passport as i am on husband visa but car is on my name visa will be done once husband visa is done that will take some time from uae

Sana said...


We are trying to export a car from KSA to Abu Dhabi. WOuld you please kindly share some advice on this?We currently only have an employment visa for Abu Dhabi. But we also need to export our car from KSA before we do our final exit.

any help will be truly apprecciated


Anonymous said...

I can't begin to tell you how invaluable your blog post has been. I just finished the process today and you guidance was pretty spot on. only difference i found I was unable to keep old UAE driving licence or plates.

I went to al seeb and had my new driving licence within 30 minutes and my new registration ( adjacent building) within an hour. Registration was 44 rials but I think the fees are directly linked to the engine size - although I may be wrong. Ordering and fitting plates took 20 mins. I went early morning.

Thank you so much for sharing this information and taking time for writing such a detailed post. It is is still helping people!

Rahul said...

Thanks a lot for posting this information which is really valuable.
I am moving to Muscat from UAE.
Can I use my car in muscat with my UAE License on Omani resident Visa if my UAE Visa is not canceled. Please help.

MUTHALA said...

I was also in a confusion, how to take my car to Oman only with an entry permit(Without residence stamped).You mentioned here that, RP will be stamped in the border itself. But, without taking the medical, finger print etc, how this RP will be stamped ?

MUTHALA said...

Is it possible to travel through border, only with Oman entry permit, before stamping visa in passport ?You mentioned, they will stamp the Residence permit from border, but without doing medical, fingerprint etc?

Arun said...

Can i bring my household things while exporting car? is it allowed to bring goods in the car or not?
Please replyme soon

Arun said...

Is ther any limitation of weight per baggage while exporting car?
As i amplanning to export my car please advise me ASAP


kereebler said...

Thanks a lot. Very good of you to take the time to give the info to others <3

kereebler said...

Thanks a lot. Very good of you to take the time to give the info to others <3

Aly KAhn said...

Hi Shijaz,

your blog is very useful, i want to know i have car registered in abu dhabi, i have dubai visa, but now i have new job offer in muscat, i want to know is there will be any difference procedure for me or it will be the same as you followed, and secondly, is this complete proceedure completed in single day?

Aly KAhn said...

thanks for your blog it is really helpful,
i have second hand car, and i dont have the purchase slip of any kind, how can my car's value will be evaluated, please reply back.



Vipin Chacko said...

Its would be deeply appreciated if someone could guide on how to take the vehicle from Oman to UAE.
Thanks in advance.


Salman Tariq said...

Shijaz thanks for a step by step process. I have one question

Can i export my car by not cancelling my UAE residency and entering into Oman while holding temporary entry permit.

Kindly reply here or as i need to leave country in 14 days.